Xfinity Residential Customer Agreement

Comcast may send you any necessary or desired notification in one of the following ways, as defined only at our discretion: (1) by publishing it on or any other website you have been notified of (2) by sending a first-class or overnight POST message to your premises; (3) by sending a notification to the email address in Comcast`s account documents or (4) by manual delivery. You accept that one of the above information constitutes sufficient notification and you renounce any allegation that these forms of communication are insufficient or ineffective. Since we may inform you from time to time of important information about the service and this agreement with these methods, you agree to regularly check your mail, email and all messages on or any other website you have been informed of, or you may not. 2. Unrea recommended configurations: Customer devices that do not meet Comcast`s technical or other specifications are an “unreased configuration.” NEITHER COMCAST NOR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS OR AGENTS WARRANT THAT A NON-RECOMMENDED CONFIGURATION WILL ENABLE YOU TO SUCCESSFULLY INSTALL, ACCESS, OPERATE OR USE THE SERVICE. YOU RECOGNIZE THAT SUCH INSTALLATION, ACCESS, OPERATION OR USE MAY RESULT IN CUSTOMER DEVICES NOT OPERATING OR CAUSING DAMAGE TO THE CUSTOMER`S DEVICES, DEVICE, PREMISES OR XFINITY DEVICES. NEITHER COMCAST NOR ANY OF ITS AFFILIATES, SUPPLIERS OR AGENTS SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY SUCH FAILURE OR DAMAGE. Comcast reserves the right to deny you after-sales service for the service and/or terminate the service if you use an unreased configuration. Put an end to this amendment. This addition will end when you no longer subscribe to the XFINITY Business Pack, the XFINITY Business Pack, or if you are no longer a Comcast residential customer at this address. For the voice. If you pay a monthly flat fee for your call plan, this fee cannot cover certain types of calls.

These types of excluded calls are billed per call (for example. B operating services) or measured (for example. B international calls). You will find information on fees per call and when call fees are measured in If your Voice user fees exceed the typical costs of using the accommodation, we can: (i) ask you for Voice advances that we can charge with an unpaid balance in your account; (ii) setting a credit limit for voice and/or function fees; and/or (iii) to limit voice or function. If you exceed your credit limit, we reserve the right to suspend Voice and demand payment for user fees that will be taken into account on your account. Our paper invoices for Voice contain only a summary of the fees. Detailed information for a limited time can be found in a password-protected part of our site.

You can call 1-800-XFINITY for a hard copy of the outgoing toll statements related to your last bill. These copies may have the effect of a surcharge, unless it is prohibited by current legislation. Digital Starter TV (with contract) Offer ends on 21.03.19. Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Only new private customers. Limited to digital start-up service. Minimum term contract of one year. Early termination fees apply when all Xfinity services (excluding Xfinity Mobile) are terminated for the duration of the contract. Equipment, installation, taxes and fees, TV broadcasting fees (up to $10.00/mb), regional sports fees (up to $8.25/m.) and other additional fees and other changes are free during and after the expiry agreement.