Surrender Agreement Nyc Template

2. The tenant tells the owners, at the time of termination, the rented premises and the tenancy and all rights in this case with the intention that the remainder not expired from the term of the tenancy and all renewals are gathered and extinguished in the conversion, and the tenants release in favour of the lessor, from the date of termination , all its rights, title and interest in and for rental and rental properties. 3. Conditions. The lessor and the tenant expressly agree and accept that this agreement depends on the execution and unconditional delivery of a licensing agreement between the lessor and LEI with respect to the premises and the seventeenth floors (17) and 18 (18) floors of the building on terms acceptable to the owner. , (the above event is referred to as “condition”) and has no effect and effect, unless the condition is met; However, it is understood and agreed that if, for any reason, the condition is not met or if the lessor does not meet or before the date of seven (7) days after the date of this agreement, is non-tenant and has no effect and effect, and the landlord and tenant have no obligation or responsibility to the other parties under this Agreement. Continue to enter the owner`s legal name. Mention the name, as stated in the rental agreement. Enter the tenant`s legal name, as stated in the tenancy agreement.

Both parties must enter the names of law in the form prescribed in the intended premises. This transfer of tenancy and premises by tenant form is also a reciprocal agreement and the terms of the agreement are set in form. The signature of this form also accepts the conditions of the delivery of the premises and the rental by the tenant. In addition, both parties agree to participate in the execution of other documents required by time or action instead of handing over premises and tenancy through a tenant form. The agreement must indicate the date and time at which the property is officially returned to the owner and in what condition.