Tenancy Agreement Inventory List Singapore

Hello, if the rental agreement mentions the repayment of the deposit within 14 days of handing over the keys, the owner can keep the money by breach of contract. Since there is a slight wear and tear for which a certain amount must be deducted from the deposit, as agreed by the owner during the preliminary inspection and final rebate. However, the owner maintains our deposit and simply does not respond after handing over the keys. What is the legal obligation, the owner can be sued for breach of contract It is important to respect the rights and obligations of both parties in accordance with the TA. These include (but not limited) issues relating to the maintenance and repair of the structure of the building and storage assets, the use and pricing of utilities, the additional facilities of the existing building and structure, access to property by the owner and technical service personnel, insurance issues. , stamp duty, termination clause, and late payment or circumvention of the tenancy clause. Be wary of clauses, terms or requirements that you are not comfortable with. Look for detailed and written clarification on clauses that you consider problematic or that need to be explained further. Do not sign if you do not accept any of these clauses. Hello Jamal, I had signed the contract with my tenants is valid until the end of June 2016.

The tenant never told me not to get along again until I got her message, then she told me I could go further to get new tenants and also ask for the deposit to do without May. I refused because our contract runs until June and they have to pay me until June. The deposit had to hold until they moved and no damages to pay them back for 14 days. My wall was drawn by children everywhere, and I ask them to paint so I can bring a new tenant to see the house they refuse, and told me to return the deposit, so they will. As an owner, do I have the right to ask them to paint the house, as it is still 1 month before leaving the city? Please help me, I am a loss because I do not know how to treat this tenant. As a general rule, before the signing of the tenancy agreement, the tenant and the lessor are free to negotiate the terms of this contract to describe in clear terms the extent of liability for each party. This includes the tenant`s request that the landlord clean, repair, replace worn devices before moving in. This can be indicated in the most detailed and explicit way possible, which the owner may choose to accept or contradict these conditions. I left my rented room in an HDB apartment in Bishan.

The owner asked me to move within 24 hours because I had violated some of the points mentioned in the agreement. I did, but he did not return some of the deposit I had paid him, even though the room did not suffer any damage. He himself violated the agreement on several occasions. In my absence, entering my room without warning, going into my room and threatening to come down and “fix” it now, these are things of my head.