Unit 9 Subject-Verb Agreement Answers Lesson 53

5 Lesson 55 Collectives And Other Pecial Subjectives A collective name calls a group. It has a unique meaning when the group acts as a unit. It has a pluralistic meaning to show that each member of the group acts as an individual. The meaning of the name as a whole determines whether the singular or plural form of the verb is necessary. You can determine whether a collective name takes a singular or plural verb by replacing the pronoun or replacement. The team wants to give a gift to the coach. (a group, a singular) The team agrees to buy its own jerseys. (Individus, plural) Some names, such as mathematics and mumps, end in -s, but use a singular verb. Nouns like jeans and scissors also end up in -s and take a plural verb, but they are individual objects.

The news is on the radio. Singular. These jeans are ripped. (Pluriel) If the subject refers to an amount as an entity, it is considered singular. If it refers to more than one unit, it is plural. Two weeks seem to wait a long time. (Single unit, singular verb) Two weeks have passed since you called. (several units, plural) The name of a company, the title of a book, a film, a play, a song or a work of art is a real name and should be treated as singular, even if the subject is plural within the title. The Pierrafeu is a television series that has been turned into a film. (individual titles) Exercise 1 Highlight the simple theme of each sentence. Write in space if the subject is singular and the subject is plural.

Broadcasters remain a popular area of study. 1. Ms. Tanaka`s class is interested in journalism. 2. Three weeks were spent studying television news. 3. The newscasts excite some of the students. 4. Jeremy`s family gives guided tours of the television channel where his mother works.

5. The class appreciates the time they received with Ms. Ramos, who showed them how to use a video camera. Unit 9, ubject-verb Accord 191 9 Lesson 57 Agreement with assembled ubjects A compound subject contains two or more simple themes that have the same verb. It requires a singular or plural verb depending on how the parts of the subject are related. If two or more simple themes are linked by the coordination conjunction and or by the connective conjunction… and, the verb is plural.