Visa Business Debit Card Agreement

(1) From 08.01.2019, it is no longer possible to order Electron debit card visa. From 01.10.2020, it is no longer possible to order Visa Classic and Visa Business debit card. (2) A card ordered from a bank branch which, when issuing the card, is always activated by an employee of the bank branch. 7. Remaining balances for returned items: All credits (for example. B a return of goods) on a POS transaction can be displayed as pending credit in the history of account transactions. The outstanding credit is not included in the available balance. All pending credits displayed in the transaction history no longer appear the previous day: (a) the date on which the bank: (i) receives the corresponding clearing sheet, (ii) the account balance and (iii) the credit authorization corresponds to the actual credit transaction, or (b) seven (7) business days after the date the bank received the authorization transaction. We can respect our deposit account for a card transaction. While many card transactions take place in real time, this means that the account is immediately debited for the amount of the transaction; If a card is used for specific transactions, the merchant who accepts the card can request prior authorization of that transaction.

If the bank authorizes a transaction, the bank may place a temporary “hold” on the account for the amount of the approved transaction, called the “POS block.” While blocking the POS temporarily reduces the available balance, the BAN on the POS is not a payment for an authorized transaction. Payment of the transaction occurs only after the transaction itself has been presented to the bank, either physically or electronically. Activating the card in InternetBank, the mobile application or in an ATM Transactional information of merchants: In some cases, the bank is based on information sent by the merchant and processes transactions on the basis of information provided by the merchant. The bank, for example, relies on transaction coding sent by the merchant to process the debit card transaction either once or for once. For example, for some transactions, we rely on the retention period communicated by the merchant to determine the duration of the collection. All deposits made through a BBVA USA ATM are subject to verification and proof and are accepted pursuant to the terms of the deposit agreement and our fund availability policy. If you don`t use the credit card for purchases on the Internet or abroad, you can exclude these features. If necessary, you can change the options for using your card at any time via InternetBank. The changes take effect immediately. 27.

SAFETY ATM: Authorized cardholders agree to use discretion when using ATMs. If there are suspicious circumstances, the ATM should not be used. ATMs should be checked before using any unauthorized manipulations or attachments that may collect card or PIN information.