What Is The German Word For Agreement

Therefore, it must be a social contract, a sales contract (sale contract), a lease (lease) and much more. If you replace the contract with an order, you get valid words, they now involve an order (do something): the rental order is to rent something, the purchase order is to buy something – both would be a boss who would give them to his employee so that the employee could look for offers – and the social order would mean something where the company has to go. Last word. It`s also good to know for all German beginners. Use it as the English version. “We have an agreement on the terms of the contract.” – “We have an agreement on the terms of the contract.” “We are in accordance with the rules.” – “We agree with the rules.” The “contract” refers to an “agreement” (f.) in the sense of a contractual agreement or a formal agreement. To be “agreed,” you would have to use “concordance” (f.): So now you know 15 ways of saying, I agree in German. From weak agreements to strong agreements. Print it out and check it regularly. And now you can express yourself in different ways, which is really impressive.

Finally, there are particular types of contracts such as comparison, in which two parties repair a disagreement by backing down a little each, or the concordate, a contract between the Holy See (which represents the Catholic Church) and a state. But it comes from different thoughts about what`s really going on. Hiring someone means that the two parties are at least a little identical in the Treaty, while the German commission is much closer to order – so everyone is confused as to why these two words are being asked. Other words that may mean contract in the legal language, but which are, in the everyday language, a less rigorous and binding ring, include aberration, convention and agreement. While in my German-German dictionary, I was looking for the German word for a contract (in general, as a mandatory agreement between several entities, in all contexts), I came across two German words: the contract and the contract. Both seem to translate into contract, so I would like to ask what is the difference between the two words in terms of meaning and other small nuances, or if there are other more common words for a contract. To properly express consent in German, it is important to ask yourself whether you agree to do something or agree with the opinion of a human being, because the German language here has different expressions: knowing a good common word in general. Be sure to write it down. And look at this article; You will see, “exactly: used in abundance. It can be an adverb and adjective means exactly, exactly, exactly, exactly, etc.

It certainly takes a size quite large, but in a bad dictionary, I imagine that the word order is somewhere close to the contract: if and only when you ask a craftsman to do something (p.B.