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]] > 4 My first experience in team launch came while I was working alongside Joe Justice. He taught me everything about building a team, creating a work agreement and get on the right foot. Since then, I`ve created dozens of teams and I`ve constantly optimized the process to make it better over time. If the development team is absent, the team has no method to create a quality product that works. So many people that I have to thank for the support they have given me during this trip, I would like to thank first of all the teams who have really been up to the task through this process. If they had not, I would not have been able to understand the power of employment contracts, and it is more about know-how than building words. I would especially like to thank Kelli Derum, the PO, for the team. I attacked her a few years later, and she was always so eager to help. I particularly enjoyed the discussions we had and the time she gave him when she had just had a baby! I also really appreciated the honest feedback she shared, which I recorded with minimal treatment. Thank you especially to my wife, Deema, who encouraged me to apply.

She has always been a source of strength for me and has helped me find the strength to continue if necessary! Thank you especially to my company and to my bosses who, although anonymously, are grateful to them for allowing me to share my story. Finally, and not least, I can not find the right words to thank my shepherdess Susan Burk for her precious support, her insight and above all for her flexibility. Susan has helped me several times to reinvent the approach and focus on what is most important. Thank you, shepherd, I couldn`t have done it without you! And that`s what I mean sincerely! The web created by Avi Schneier and the Scrum Inc. team [1] encourages the team to ask questions that go to the heart of the team dynamics, standards and policies they commit to putting on the table, through the skills they want to put on the table and the skills they want to learn from each other, to how they celebrate success and learn from failure. In this article, I will discuss how I adapted the original Avis screen to the needs of the teams I have coached, clarify the various elements of a working agreement and share with you a step-by-step guide to facilitate collaborative workshops for the development of working agreements. We have always started a development of Scrum with a little work code. Therefore, a scrum has been designed to improve a code base. The functional specification of marketing should be based on the execution of prototypes that are shown to customers or potential customers who accept that this is the wish for the next release.